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Webinar: This is AI Marketing


David Skerrett

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The webinar will be held in English. The number of participants is limited.

Each industrial revolution has upended society and business. First came steam power and the railroad making the world a bit smaller. Then the 2nd big change came with the invention of the assembly line to enable production scale and industrialisation with the introduction of car then helping change where we live and move. The 3rd revolution was the invention and adoption of mass computing with the internet helping us have information at our fingertips. And now we enter the 4rd wave which is dominated by AI, robotics and big data, letting automation make experiences more personal, media more smart and it can even take some of pain and fun in. But what can AI really do. Where is it great and where is humanity much more creative and powerful? And if look at where AI has come from, can we see where it is going?

As the Fourth Industrial Revolution gathers pace, innovations are becoming faster, more efficient and more widely accessible than before. Technology is also becoming increasingly connected; in particular we are seeing a merging of digital, physical and biological realms. New technologies are enabling societal shifts by having an effect on economics, values, identities and possibilities for future generations. 

In modern marketing there is a new framework for success, the all new 4 Ps:

Psychology - how much data is too much,

Personalisation and data - the gap between personal and creepy

Powerful Immersion and storytelling - new digital and physical marketing experience

Platform Intelligence

In this webinar David Skerrett will cover the key terminology within AI including machine learning and other fundamentals. We will look at AI marketing which is "a method of leveraging technology to improve marketing and the customer journey". It can also be used to boost the return on investment (ROI) of marketing campaigns. This is accomplished by using big data analytics, machine learning, and other processes to gain insight into your target audience.

In addition gain great data, simple to understand frameworks and exciting case studies of AI in marketing to help make your brand go from good to great by harnessing this next big wave.


utorak, 30.6.2020. od 10:00 do 12:00




600,00 HRK
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